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Our Philosophy: Competent, As Required and Nearby Our Clients

“The largest and most important precaution that must apply a commander is to have in his environment faithful, in war experienced and wise men, with whom he is continually consulting and talking about their own and enemy forces!” – Machiavelli –

This quote from Machiavelli describes exactly the importance of excellent legal advice and successful legal support.

If you intend to legally arrange your future, we check your contracts, develop scenarios and think for you and your protection in your legal future. We close gaps and take care, that you don’t have to experience negative surprises.

If you must litigate, we calculate your realistic opportunities and risks. We develop a strategy to bring the best possible target for you. We review evidence with creative thinking along and explain your opinion with convincing arguments to the court.

We have here at our disposal legal and also social competence which is recognized by our clients. We examine exactly what you legally need. We inform you promptly, correctly and permanently maintain contact with you.


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Rechtsanwälte Braun & Partner